Writings by Petar Radosevic, Code with Paper and Pencil.

Haskell Packages for Development

These are the packages I immediately install after a clean GHC installation.

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Crossing the language barrier with RabbitMQ

Cross-language communication with RabbitMQ. In this post I describe how you can connect Erlang and Celery to share tasks across your codebase...

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Favourite Emacs Packages

List of my favourite Emacs packages: mu4e, projectile, powerline, twittering-mode and expand-region.

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CFengine3 on FreeBSD

Short guide how to install CFengine 3 on FreeBSD

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Currying and Partial Application

A explanation of currying and it's use in partial function application.

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Solid FreeBSD Server: Django with Nginx and Gunicorn

A guide that shows you how to setup a Django server on FreeBSD with the help of Nginx and Gunicorn.

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Solid FreeBSD Server: PostgreSQL 9.0

Building further on a solid FreeBSD installation, this time I show you how to install PostgreSQL which you can connect remotely to.

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Solid FreeBSD Server: the Foundation

FreeBSD is my distro of choice whenever I need a server. This guide shows how to build a solid FreeBSD server from scratch.

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Django Development on Snow Leopard

A guide describing how to install a development environment for Django on Snow Leopard by using virtual environments.

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